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Just a quick note about our dogs.  We first did this page sometime in 1995.  At that time, we had all three of the dogs, Sunny, Donny, and Star, and Patches the cat.  Due to old age, we have since lost all four of them.  We decided to keep the page here, since a number of people did enjoy it.  Hope you enjoy it.  We sure enjoyed the four of them for a very long time.

We are English Springer Spaniels, one of the finest breeds of dogs in existence. We are older dogs at this time. We come from a long line of Springers Spaniels owned by the Matson family, who use the name Pequa to identify all of the dogs that they have bred. The purpose of this set of pages is to tell the story of the English Springer Spaniel, and of Pequa Springers. You will find links throughout these pages that take you to other, related sites. We hope that you enjoy these pages. If you do, why not send us some e-mail? Use this link to send mail to our owners, who will read it to us!

My name is Sunny, or Shinnecock's Midnite Sun. I am the senior member of the group. I was shown extensively in breed competition, but my real claim to fame is Obedience. I completed my CD with very high scores (all 195+). I achieved 2 class wins, and one High In Trial. I enjoyed working obedience prior to my retirement.

My name is Donny, or Pequa's Diamond Don. I am the male dog of the family. My mother is Sunny. I was shown in breed classes with good success. I tried obedience, but found that is was too much work for a relaxed guy like me. It gets hot at shows in Florida, so I did leave the obedience ring on many occasions. I enjoyed being shown in the Brace classes, entered in concert with my mother. We did some significant winning as a Brace.

My name is Star, or Tri Star of Pequa. I am a gorgeous Black, White, and Tan tri-colored female. In my opinion, I am the best looking one of the group. I tried to learn obedience, but did not like to get scolded when I did wrong. Finally, the Matson's realized that I loved to show in breed competition, where I had my success.

The history of Pequa Springers goes back to 1950, when the Matson family (Al, Elsie, and the kids, Jackie, Patty, Bill and Tom) of Massapequa, NY, purchased their first pure bred dog, a liver and white male English Springer Spaniel named Pequa Don. He was purchased primarily as a pet. There are many great stories about Donny, chasing rabbits and damaging his eye, chasing ducks underwater the day of a show, pulling Tom out of a puddle, and maybe avoiding a drowning, and more. Don was entered in some match shows hosted by Queensboro, Kennel Club and Suffolk County Kennel Club, with Jackie showing him in the breed classes, and the rest of the children showing him in Junior Showmanship. This was the start of a relationship with the Springer that has continued now for almost 50 years!

The family got heavily involved in breeding and showing the English Springer. A brief list of just a few of the dogs includes many Champion Springers that are still in the pedigrees of today's winning dogs. The family operated a successful show, breeding and boarding kennel in North Babylon, NY, for a number of years. The list includes:

The family has continued the relationship with dogs, and the English Springer up to today. Jackie owns and has bred a number of winning dogs. Patty, after a career as a professional dog handler, operates a boarding kennel in Florida, and has her judges license. Bill still occasionally breeds and show Springers and other breeds. Pat's daughter is a professional handler.

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